Welcome to pymp2rage’s documentation!

PyMP2RAGE is a lightweight Python package to fit T1 maps and make unified T1-weighted images out of MRI data collected using the MP2RAGE sequence.

See Marques et al. (2010) for more information about the sequence.

This code is based on open-source Matlab code published on the Github. of José Marques.

  • Marques, J. P., Kober, T., Krueger, G., van der Zwaag, W., van de Moortele, P.-F., & Gruetter, R. (2010). MP2RAGE, a self bias-field corrected sequence for improved segmentation and T1-mapping at high field. NeuroImage, 49(2), 1271–1281. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2009.10.002

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